We have often made decisions based on our first impression of them. Freshen your home’s exterior with our pressure cleaner. Cleanliness is often associated with a quality pressure washer and power washing in most instances.

One may think this only applies to some goods, but the first impression has continuously become a basis of many purchasing decisions, and real estate has not been left behind. Would you instead buy an old rustic house with algae on the side decks or a spotlessly clean old wood siding house?

Most people might feel it will cost them more to fix an unwashed house than to pressure wash a house with our cleaning solution. Some would say it is a perception created by pressure washing, although it brings out the home’s authentic appearance because it reaches surfaces that ideally would be out of reach to many.


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Does Pressure Wash Increase Home Value?

Pressure washing mainly involves cleaning with water from a hose with a large amount of force. Dust, rust, and stain often damage surfaces if left unwashed over a long period. Therefore, for the property to keep its shine, cleaning often helps maintain the quality of materials. More deep cleaning, fewer instances of renovations, therefore saving money.

Pressure wash property value is affected by deep cleaning. Through pressure washing, home values can increase by 5% to 10% and help speed up the sale. Can you imagine such a value increase just because you pressure wash it?


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Improved Curb Appeal Could Increase Your Home Value

You probably have passed by a house and almost reversed your car to take a second look just at how the exterior looks. It is also the case for any buyer searching for a home to purchase. The curb appeal influences most of the people’s decisions to enter the house or not. Most buyers will pass on entering a house just because of the exterior look. If left unclean and dusty, they tend to feel the interior is not in any way better. Pressure washing will help improve the curb appeal, and a super shiny, clean driveway will add a few points to the house’s value.




Sell your Home Even Faster

As mentioned earlier, pressure washing increases the house value by between 5% and 10%. Sparkling windows, clean walkways, and shiny surfaces are eye-catching. People who have family members allergic to dust will highly consider a pressure-cleaned house as it is guaranteed that it does not have dust build-up. Clean spaces are attractive, which might surprise you as they also affect the home inspectors. Sellers can confirm that inspection can be challenging, but when the house is clean and in good shape, the inspectors are less harsh on you. Try it with one of your properties.


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4 Reasons to Pressure Wash Before Putting Your Home on the Market


1. Pressure Wash before showing and photographing your house.

Consumer purchasing keeps changing, and to best position yourself, you need to adopt the trends. Over time, buyers use online platforms to look for property, and what they feel about any product online will influence their subsequent decisions and steps. If you plan on selling your house, pressure washing before photography is your next bet to getting a buyer within weeks or months.

That is because the deep cleaning with your residential pressure washers will bring back the shine to the property, and the process will also involve cleaning your furniture as the tools are the same. If done occasionally, it makes it even easier to prepare for a photography session. The photos are the first selling point, while the actual site visit confirms what they saw. Therefore, pressure wash before photography to make a lasting first impression.


2. Pressure Washing Makes Your Property Ready to Move in

For many buyers, moving is a hustle. Can you imagine finding a property free of algae, molds, and black steaks, and all you have to worry about is where to place your furniture? For a client, a clean house is one worry taken away. Therefore, this will make your property more preferable for most buyers.


3. Raises the Market Value of Your Home

A clean, sparkling house is often associated with high value. A client may look at stained walls and algae and feel like there might be more broken things in the house. No one wants to take chances at fixing things in the place as this is an added cost. A neglected exterior appearance gives the impression of a low-quality home.

The house might be of a very high value, but presentation matters. The house might be a beautiful, unique design, but with dirt and dust covering it, this might undersell the architecture and the landscaping.


4. Pressure Washing Makes Your Home Look Good as New.

We always want to come back home and marvel at how it looks. Or, when taking guests over, they stop to notice the brick floors and concrete walls. With the cleaning process lasting a short period, pressure washing can reach almost every surface, making your home look brand new.


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Other Benefits of Pressure Washing Your House Before Selling it


Save Time and Money.

Once you contract a cleaning company will help minimize the hustle of dealing with multiple suppliers when you have to deal with specific people, i.e., people cleaning the windows, a separate company cleaning the walls, and another for the walkways. You might be preparing for a showhouse day, and the window cleaning company decides not to show up that day. When you have the package bundled as one, it saves you time, and you get the best price for the service offering.


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Clean and Safe Environment for the Family.

Regular pressure cleaning protects all family members from spills and falls. People living in the home are healthier and will have a few instances of cold due to dust that has accumulated on the window panes. Most times, when you decide to clean the house yourself, some of these parts might be unreachable.


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Professional Services at Your Doorstep.

When you involve a pressure cleaning company, they will come with the right equipment that is environmentally friendly. Do not injure yourself as you climb to clean that 2nd-floor window plane; get professionals who can do it for you at a friendly price.





Pressure cleaning will ensure your property remains of high value and quality over the years, whether in business or for home services. Residential pressure washing has also proved to increase housing values. Why would you sell the house for $25000 while you can sell it for $30000?

Pressure washing services by Mid South Pressure Wash is here to give you an experience of a lifetime. Our technicians will not only pressure wash a house, they focus on the power wash of your home but bundling that up with a great customer experience. Call us to schedule a pressure washing experience. You are guaranteed cleaner, safer, and long-lasting surfaces.


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