Enhance Your Lakeland Home With Professional Soft Washing



Perfect for delicate exterior surfaces, soft washing uses low-pressure water combined with specialized cleaning solutions to remove dirt, mold, algae, and other organic stains from buildings and landscapes. This method cleans surfaces and treats and prevents biological growths, ensuring your home or business looks pristine and remains protected over time.

Mid South Pressure Wash offers expert soft washing services tailored to enhance the curb appeal and longevity of your property. Our approach involves using environmentally friendly, biodegradable chemicals that effectively cleanse without risking damage to your property’s exterior or landscaping. Our commitment to safety and sustainability is unique to our service, combining state-of-the-art equipment with proven techniques to deliver outstanding results. Whether revitalizing faded siding, restoring sullied roofs, or brightening up walkways, our soft washing service ensures comprehensive cleaning without the harsh effects of high pressure.


Benefits Of Soft Washing Your Home Or Business

Soft washing by Mid South Pressure Wash provides a multitude of benefits for both residential and commercial properties in the Lakeland area. Unlike traditional pressure washing, which can be too harsh for some surfaces, soft washing is a gentle yet effective cleaning method. Here are some detailed benefits explained:


Extended Lifespan Of Exterior Surfaces

Soft washing uses lower water pressures and effective cleaning solutions that safely remove harmful biological materials without damaging surfaces like paint, siding, and roofing. This gentle approach helps extend the lifespan of these materials by preventing the degradation high-pressure systems can cause.


Effective Algae And Mold Removal

The humid Tennessee climate is conducive to mold, mildew, and algae growth, which can all degrade and discolor your property’s exterior over time. Soft washing targets these organisms at their roots, providing longer-lasting cleanliness compared to high-pressure washing that may only remove surface layers. This method also inhibits future growth, maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of your building.


Improved Property Aesthetics And Value

Regular soft washing can significantly enhance the curb appeal of your home or business. This clean appearance can attract more customers and improve the overall business image for commercial properties. Homeowners will find that maintaining their property with soft washing can increase its market value, which is crucial if considering a future sale.


How Does Soft Washing Work?


Application Of Cleaning Solutions

The procedure starts by applying a specialized cleaning solution, which is eco-friendly and designed to break down dirt, mold, algae, and other organic build-ups. This solution deeply penetrates the surface, addressing even the most stubborn stains. The chemicals used are selected for their effectiveness and minimal environmental impact, ensuring they degrade naturally without leaving harmful residues.


Gentle Rinsing Process

Once the cleaning agents have had sufficient time to act, a low-pressure rinse is used to wash away the dirt and biological debris. This step is crucial as it uses just enough pressure to cleanse without damaging the surface materials such as vinyl, wood, or brick.


Gentle Rinsing Process


What To Expect During A Soft Washing Service


Initial Property Assessment

The service begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your property. A skilled technician will survey the exterior to identify the types of surfaces that need cleaning and pinpoint areas with significant biological growth or stains.


Preparation of the Area

Protecting your property is a priority. The area to be cleaned will be prepped to safeguard against any potential damage from the cleaning solutions. This includes covering plants, moving outdoor furniture, and securing delicate items.


Soft Washing Process

The trained team carefully treats your property’s exterior using advanced low-pressure technology and custom-blended cleaning solutions. This method allows for deep cleaning of dirt, algae, and other build-ups without the risks associated with high-pressure washing. The process is designed to be minimally invasive and quick, reducing disruption to your home or business operations.


Post-Cleaning Inspection And Touch-Up

After the initial wash, technicians conduct a thorough inspection to ensure all areas are clean. Any spots requiring extra attention will be re-treated to meet Mid South’s high standards for cleanliness and customer satisfaction. This step is critical for ensuring a uniform appearance across all treated surfaces.


Final Walk-Through With The Client

To conclude the service, you will be invited to inspect the work with a team member. This final walk-through lets you see the results first-hand and discuss any concerns. It’s a chance for Mid South to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the cleaning and to address any final questions you might have.


Final Walk-Through With The Client


Features Of Mid South’s Soft Washing Services


Customized Cleaning Solutions

Each cleaning solution is specifically formulated based on the surface type and the contaminants present. This customization ensures optimal cleaning without damaging the property’s exterior surfaces. Whether tackling stubborn stains or widespread mold, the right solution delivers effective results while maintaining the integrity of your surfaces.


Advanced Equipment And Techniques

Mid South uses industry-leading equipment that enables precise application of cleaning solutions and water. This equipment is crucial for maintaining low pressure throughout the cleaning process, essential for protecting delicate surfaces like painted siding or ornate woodwork from damage.


Trained And Experienced Technicians

Our technicians are trained in the latest soft washing techniques and bring years of experience to each job. Their expertise ensures that the cleaning process is conducted safely and effectively, with attention to detail that guarantees high-quality results.


Eco-Friendly Practices

Sustainability is a core component of Mid South’s services. The cleaning agents used are environmentally friendly and designed to minimize harm to your garden, pets, and the local wildlife. This commitment to eco-friendly practices extends to waste management and resource use, emphasizing conservation and responsible cleaning.


Follow-Up Care And Advice

After the service, Mid South provides customers with tips and recommendations on maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of their property. This follow-up care helps extend the effects of the soft wash and can prevent quick recontamination, saving clients time and money.


Real Customer Testimonials

Our customers consistently praise the high quality and professionalism of Mid South Pressure Wash’s soft washing services. One customer appreciated the prompt and effective service, noting the exceptional results on their property. Another commended the team’s professionalism and thorough approach, while a different client was impressed with the revitalization of their garage and the attention to detail provided. Others have found great value in the detailed before and after documentation, which is especially beneficial for managing commercial properties.


How To Prepare Your Property For Soft Washing

Clear The Perimeter

Begin by clearing any movable objects from the areas to be washed. Items such as potted plants, outdoor furniture, and lawn decorations should be moved to a safe distance to avoid damage from water or cleaning agents. This protects your belongings and clears the way for the technicians to work efficiently, ensuring that no spots are missed during the cleaning process.


Protect Delicate Landscaping

While the cleaning solutions used are environmentally friendly, it’s prudent to cover sensitive plants and garden beds with waterproof tarps or plastic sheeting. This extra layer of protection helps avoid accidental exposure to chemicals, safeguarding your plant life against potential adverse effects. This is particularly important for gardens with delicate flowers or specialty vegetation susceptible to even mild cleaning solutions.


Secure Windows And Doors

Ensure that all windows, doors, and vents are securely closed before the washing begins. This prevents water and chemical mist from entering your home or business, which could cause water damage or unwanted dampness. Checking the seals on these openings can also prevent leakage, providing an additional safeguard during cleaning.


Secure Windows And Doors


Inform Technicians Of Specific Concerns

Communication with the cleaning team is key. If there are areas with stubborn stains or particular concerns about the delicate features of your property, discuss these with the technicians ahead of time. This information can help them adjust their cleaning techniques or solutions accordingly, ensuring a thorough cleaning without damaging sensitive areas.


Vehicle Relocation

If your driveway or a similar area close to the building is being cleaned, move your vehicles to protect them from spray and runoff. This protects your car from potential chemical exposure and gives the cleaners unrestricted access to the areas in need of washing, facilitating a more thorough and efficient cleaning process.


Ready To Transform Your Property?

Experience the superior cleaning power of soft washing with Mid South Pressure Wash. Our expert team is ready to revitalize your home or business, ensuring long-lasting cleanliness and enhanced curb appeal. Contact us today to schedule your professional soft washing service and see the difference for yourself. Join the many satisfied customers who trust Mid South Pressure Wash to keep their properties looking their best.


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Why Local Expertise Matters In Soft Washing


Familiarity With Local Climates

Our team is highly experienced with the Lakeland area’s climate. High humidity and frequent rains can lead to extensive mold and algae growth on building exteriors, requiring specific strategies for effective removal and prevention. We utilize this regional knowledge to formulate cleaning solutions that are robust enough to combat local biological growth while being gentle on your property.


Tailored Services

Mid South Pressure Wash doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all service; instead, we tailor our soft washing specifically to suit Lakeland’s unique environmental demands and architectural styles. This custom approach ensures that each building not only gets thoroughly cleaned but does so in a way that enhances longevity and protects its aesthetic values.


Community Focused

As a locally operated business, we are deeply integrated into the community and committed to its well-being. We value the appearance and preservation of local properties as they contribute significantly to neighborhood appeal and community pride.


Quick Response And Availability

Proximity matters when you need reliable and timely service. Our local presence means we can respond promptly to routine and urgent cleaning needs, providing solutions swiftly and efficiently to maintain the beauty and safety of your property.


Maintenance Tips


Regular Inspections

Check your property regularly for any signs of mold, algae, or dirt buildup, especially after rainstorms or in shaded areas that retain moisture. Early detection allows for easier maintenance and can prevent the need for extensive cleaning later. Use a soft brush or cloth with a mild cleaner for small areas to manage these issues effectively.


Prompt Spot Cleaning

Address any small patches of dirt or biological growth immediately to prevent them from spreading. For spot cleaning, use gentle, eco-friendly solutions that will not strip away the protective coatings applied during the soft wash.


Gutter Maintenance

Ensuring that your gutters are clean and free from debris is crucial. Blocked gutters can lead to water overflow, which risks water damage to your property’s foundation and exterior and encourages mold and mildew growth on surfaces below. Regular gutter cleaning can prevent these issues, especially before and after the rainy season.


Landscaping Care

Vegetation near your property should be well maintained to prevent excess moisture and shading on your walls and roof. Trim back any overhanging branches or shrubs to reduce dampness and allow sunlight to inhibit the growth of moss and algae naturally.


Annual Check-ups

Schedule regular soft washing services with Mid South Pressure Wash, preferably on an annual or bi-annual basis. Regular professional maintenance keeps your property looking its best and reinforces the surfaces’ longevity by systematically removing harmful biological growths before they cause damage.


Schedule Regular Soft Washing Services


Additional Locations Served By Mid South

While primarily known for our work in Memphis and Lakeland, Mid South Pressure Wash also caters to the broader Mid-South region. This expansion allows us to bring high-quality, reliable soft washing services to a wider audience, increasing the accessibility of our eco-friendly and effective cleaning solutions. Whether a small residential home or a large commercial facility, Mid South Pressure Wash is equipped to provide top-notch service across the region, helping maintain and improve the appearance and longevity of properties far and wide.


Frequently Asked Questions About Soft Washing Services In Lakeland


How long does the effect of soft washing last?

The duration of soft washing effects can vary but typically lasts for about 1-2 years, depending on environmental conditions and the property’s exposure to elements like shade and moisture, which can accelerate growths like algae.


Is soft washing safe for all types of exterior materials?

Yes, soft washing can be safely used on a variety of materials including vinyl, brick, wood, stucco, and others. The low-pressure technique ensures that even delicate surfaces are not damaged.


How often should I schedule soft washing for my property?

We generally recommend soft washing every 1 to 2 years to maintain your property’s appearance and integrity. However, this can vary based on local conditions and the type of surfaces cleaned.


Can soft washing remove oil stains from driveways?

Soft washing is ideal for removing organic stains like mold, algae, and mildew. For oil stains, a different approach might be necessary, which can involve pretreating the stains with specific degreasers before the soft wash.


Will soft washing affect my windows or sealant?

The low pressure used in soft washing means it is unlikely to harm windows or sealants. However, we ensure all openings are properly sealed before starting to avoid any infiltration.


What if I notice areas missed after a soft washing service?

If you observe any spots that were missed, please contact us immediately. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and will address any concerns promptly.