Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Solutions: Soft Washing In Eads


Soft Washing In Eads

In today’s world, more homeowners are choosing eco-friendly solutions for home maintenance to protect the environment while keeping their spaces clean. At Mid South Pressure Wash, we specialize in soft washing, a popular method in Eads that offers an effective way to clean home exteriors gently but thoroughly. This technique uses less abrasive methods compared to traditional pressure washing, utilizing eco-friendly chemicals that safeguard your home’s integrity and the environment. This article explores the benefits and process of soft washing, providing homeowners with all the information they need to make informed decisions about their home maintenance options.


Top Benefits Of Soft Washing Your Home


Gentle Cleaning

Soft washing uses low pressure to clean surfaces, making it ideal for delicate materials like stucco, vinyl siding, and painted surfaces. Traditional pressure washing can damage these surfaces, but soft washing ensures thorough cleaning without causing any harm.


Gentle Cleaning



Using eco-friendly cleaning solutions, soft washing minimizes the impact on the environment compared to harsh chemicals often used in traditional pressure washing. This makes it a sustainable choice for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint.


Long-Lasting Results

Soft washing not only cleans the exterior of your home but also helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and algae. By eliminating these contaminants, you can enjoy a cleaner property for longer periods, saving you time and money on frequent cleanings.


Safe For Pets And Plants

The gentle nature of soft washing ensures that it is safe for your furry friends and the surrounding plant life. Traditional pressure washing can harm pets and damage vegetation, but soft washing provides a safe cleaning solution for every member of your household.


Service Spotlight On Eco-Friendly Cleaning By MidSouth Pressure Wash


Customized Cleaning Plans

We understand that each home is unique, and so are its cleaning needs. We offer customized cleaning plans tailored to the specific requirements of your home’s exterior. Our team evaluates your home to recommend the best approach that ensures maximum cleanliness while protecting your property’s integrity.


Advanced Equipment And Techniques

We utilize the latest equipment and techniques in the industry to deliver superior cleaning results. Our soft washing tools are specifically designed to deliver cleaning solutions efficiently and effectively, ensuring that even the hardest-to-reach areas are spotlessly cleaned.


Trained And Experienced Technicians

Our technicians are highly trained and have extensive experience in eco-friendly cleaning methods. Their expertise ensures that the correct techniques are used for different types of surfaces and that all work is conducted with the highest standards of safety and professionalism.


Trained And Experienced Technicians


Commitment To Eco-Friendliness

Mid South Pressure Wash is committed to environmental stewardship. We use only eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning solutions that are safe for the planet. Our practices are designed to have a minimal environmental impact, aligning with our goal to lead the industry in sustainable cleaning.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is to ensure that every customer is completely happy with the results of our soft washing services. We strive to exceed expectations and maintain our reputation as a leader in eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

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Why Eco-Friendly Solutions Are The Future Of Home Care?

As environmental awareness increases, homeowners are turning towards eco-friendly solutions for home care, recognizing the impact traditional methods can have on the planet. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions, like those used in soft washing, offer effective results without the harsh chemicals that can damage the ecosystem. These green cleaning methods reduce the release of harmful substances into the environment, aligning with the growing demand for sustainability. Moreover, eco-friendly practices in home maintenance not only preserve nature but also promote healthier living conditions by reducing exposure to toxic chemicals. This shift is driven by consumer preference for safer products and a collective move towards more sustainable living practices that will likely continue to grow in popularity.


The Process Behind Soft Washing: How It Works


Assessing The Area

Before the soft washing process begins, a thorough assessment of the home’s exterior is conducted. This evaluation helps determine the appropriate cleaning solutions and the specific concentration needed to effectively treat the surface without causing damage. Understanding the type of dirt, mold, or algae present is crucial for achieving the best results.


Applying The Cleaning Solution

A specialized cleaning solution, tailored to the surface type and level of soiling, is applied at low pressure. This solution is designed to seep into every nook and cranny, ensuring that all growths and dirt are adequately soaked. The solution does the heavy lifting by loosening grime and killing mold spores without the need for high-pressure abrasion.


Letting The Solution Settle

After application, the cleaning solution is left to dwell on the surface for a period, typically a few minutes, allowing it to break down organic material effectively. This dwell time is vital for the activation of cleaning agents and ensuring that they penetrate the growths deeply, which is essential for preventing their quick return.


Rinsing The Surface

Once the solution has done its work, the surface is gently rinsed with clean water at low pressure. This step removes all loosened dirt and organic material, leaving the surface clean and rejuvenated. The rinsing process is carefully managed to ensure no residue is left behind, which could attract dirt.


Rinsing The Surface


Preparing Your Home For A Soft Wash


Clearing The Area

Before a soft wash, it is important to clear the area around your home. This includes moving any outdoor furniture, potted plants, and decorative items away from the exterior walls. Clearing the area ensures that these items are not damaged by the cleaning solutions and makes the cleaning process more efficient.


Protecting Plants And Landscaping

Although the cleaning solutions used in soft washing are eco-friendly, it is still important to protect plants and landscaping from direct exposure. Covering plants with tarps or temporarily moving them can prevent any potential harm from overspray or runoff.


Securing Windows And Doors

Ensure that all windows and doors are closed and securely sealed before starting the soft wash. This prevents any inadvertent water ingress, which could cause damage inside your home. Checking for any open vents or other entry points is also advisable.


Informing Your Household

It’s important to inform everyone in your household about the cleaning schedule. This ensures that family members do not open windows or doors during the cleaning process and are aware of the areas to avoid while the work is being done.


Checking For Special Considerations

If your home has special features like solar panels, delicate trimmings, or custom exterior artwork, these should be discussed with the cleaning service to ensure proper precautions are taken. This preparation step helps avoid damage and ensures that all areas of your home receive the appropriate care.


Maintaining Your Home Post-Soft Wash


Regular Inspection

After a soft wash, it is important to regularly inspect your home’s exterior for any signs of dirt or organic growth reappearance. Early detection can help address any issues before they become major concerns. Regular inspections also help you plan for future cleanings, maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your home.


Follow-Up Cleanings

Depending on your home’s location and the surrounding environment, follow-up cleanings may be necessary to maintain optimal conditions. Scheduling these cleanings in advance can prevent the accumulation of dirt and organic materials, keeping your home looking its best at all times.


Follow-Up Cleanings


Simple Spot Maintenance

For minor spots or dirt accumulation, simple maintenance techniques can be applied without needing a full soft wash. Homeowners can use gentle cleaning solutions recommended by their service provider to address these areas promptly, ensuring the exterior remains in pristine condition.


Hear It From Our Clients: Real Stories, Real Results

  • Noah Chism: “Quick and professional! They came out to give us a free quote and it ended up being much cheaper than anyone else, doing the same quality of work. We were very impressed.”
  • Robert A. Svoboda: “Austin was a pleasure to deal with throughout the process of pressure washing the house, walks, and driveway, pressure washing and cleaning our deck, and staining the deck and pergola. This was a pretty big job overall and the weather wasn’t very cooperative, but Austin and MSPW got it done and followed up promptly on all final details. I was very happy with our experience with Austin and MSPW.”
  • Brittani Graening: “This company does great work on the commercial properties I have used them for. Their before and after documentation is phenomenal to receive as a property manager.”


Affordable And Transparent: Our Pricing Explained

We believe in transparent pricing that allows our customers to understand exactly what they are paying for. At Mid South Pressure Wash, pricing for soft washing services is based on the size of the area to be cleaned, the specific services required, and the complexity of the job. We provide detailed quotes that break down the costs involved, ensuring there are no surprises. Our aim is to offer affordable and competitive pricing while maintaining the high standards of service and effectiveness that our eco-friendly cleaning solutions provide.

Make Your Home Shine with Eco-Friendly Care

Ready to see the difference eco-friendly soft washing can make for your home? Don’t wait any longer to protect your property and the environment. Contact Mid South Pressure Wash today to schedule your appointment and enjoy a cleaner, greener home. Trust us to bring out the best in your home’s exterior with results that last. Call now or visit our website to get started on your journey to a pristine, eco-friendly home exterior. Your home deserves the best care—let us show you what we can do!

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From Eads to Everywhere: Discover Our Service Areas



Located near Eads, the town of Oakland is one of the areas where Mid South Pressure Wash provides its exceptional services. Residents and businesses in Oakland can rely on our experienced team to deliver top-quality pressure washing and exterior cleaning solutions tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s revitalizing the siding of a home, cleaning a driveway, or enhancing the curb appeal of a commercial property, we have the expertise to handle it all. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that properties in Oakland receive the care and attention they deserve, helping to maintain their appearance and longevity.



Residents and businesses in Piperton, close to Eads, can benefit from the professional pressure washing and exterior cleaning services offered by Mid South Pressure Wash. Our team understands the unique needs of properties in Piperton and is committed to providing top-notch solutions that meet those requirements. Whether you need your home’s exterior cleaned, your deck pressure washed, or your storefront revitalized, we have the skills and equipment to get the job done effectively. By choosing Mid South Pressure Wash, you can trust that your property in Piperton will receive the care and attention it needs to look its best.



Collierville, a neighboring town near Eads, is another area where Mid South Pressure Wash extends its exceptional services. Residents and businesses in Collierville can rely on our experienced team to deliver high-quality pressure washing and exterior cleaning solutions that enhance the appearance and value of their properties. Whether you’re looking to clean the exterior of your home, restore your concrete surfaces, or freshen up your outdoor spaces, we have the expertise and resources to handle it all. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and ensuring that every property in Collierville receives the attention it deserves to look its best.


Frequently Asked Questions About Eads 


What exactly is soft washing?

Soft washing is a cleaning method that uses low-pressure water combined with specialized cleaning solutions to remove dirt, mold, algae, and other substances gently and effectively from home exteriors.


Is soft washing safe for all types of home exteriors?

Yes, soft washing is safe for almost all types of exterior surfaces, including siding, roofs, decks, and patios, because it uses lower water pressure compared to traditional pressure washing.


How does soft washing benefit the environment?

Soft washing uses eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning solutions that do not harm the environment. This method also uses less water than traditional pressure washing, contributing to water conservation.


Can soft washing prevent future growth of mold and algae?

Yes, the cleaning solutions used in soft washing can inhibit future growth of mold and algae, helping to keep your home cleaner for a longer period.


How often should I have my home soft washed?

It depends on your home’s exposure to dirt and organic growth. Generally, it’s recommended to have soft washing done every 1-2 years, but homes in areas with high moisture may require more frequent cleanings.


Is soft washing more expensive than regular pressure washing?

The cost can be comparable or slightly higher; however, considering that soft washing can maintain cleanliness longer and prevent damage to surfaces, it may ultimately be more cost-effective.


What areas does Mid South Pressure Wash serve besides Eads?

MidSouth Pressure Wash serves several areas around Eads, including major nearby cities and communities. Detailed information about service areas is available on their website.


How long does the soft washing process take?

The duration depends on the size and condition of your home but typically, soft washing can be completed in a few hours.


Can soft washing remove stubborn stains like oil or rust?

Soft washing is highly effective at removing organic stains like mold, mildew, and algae. For oil or rust, specific treatments might be necessary, which can be discussed with the service provider.


How do I prepare my home for a soft wash?

Remove or secure loose items around the home’s exterior, cover plants and landscaping to protect them from overspray, and ensure all windows and doors are closed.