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The mission of Mid South Pressure Wash is based upon three principles: to provide the absolute best customer experience possible, to complete each project with thorough and professional service, and to make a personal difference throughout Memphis and the surrounding areas.

Professional Vs DIY Pressure Washing Driveway

Professional Vs DIY Pressure Washing Driveway

Discover the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a professional or doing it yourself when it comes to pressure washing your driveway. Compare the cost, time, and quality of the results to decide which option is right for you. Get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

How To Choose A Window Washing Company

How To Choose A Window Washing Company

Discover the best window washing company for your needs. Learn the key features to consider when comparing services, prices, and more. Get helpful tips to ensure you make the right choice.

How To Clean Hard-To-Reach Windows

How To Clean Hard-To-Reach Windows

Learn how to clean hard-to-reach windows with these simple hacks! Tips on cleaning solutions, tools, and techniques that make window cleaning a breeze.

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Austin Blount

Mid South Pressure Wash was founded by Austin Blount. Austin was born and raised in Memphis and moved back home shortly after college to start a business, helping people in the city he has come to love. He attended the University of Tennessee Knoxville, where he studied Psychology and Business Administration. When he is not working or networking, Austin enjoys spending his time with his family and his three dogs, working on and rebuilding cars, watching the Memphis Grizzlies, and being involved in local charities and outreach programs such as Manicure Memphis and Kingdom Community Builders.

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